Two drinks in champagne flutes in front of two bottles of red and orange juice.

The Best Brunch Cocktail: The Mimosa

The mimosa is a perfect fusion of the celebratory spirit and sunny deliciousness that its two main ingredients represent. Anyone who is no stranger to a long, relaxing brunch will be familiar with this staple cocktail that fuses sparkling wine and orange juice. With ingredients that simple, they better be good. That’s why we recommend Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Valencia Orange Cold Pressed Juice. Only the best for your celebratory salud!

The origins of the mimosa can be traced back to the early 20th century in France. It is believed to have been created at the famed Ritz Hotel in Paris, a renowned luxury hotel that attracted a sophisticated clientele that included the British Royal family, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Coco Chanel. The cocktail was named after the delicate Australian mimosa flower, known for its bright yellow color, which resembled the sunny color of the cocktail.

The original mimosa recipe remains unchanged, and calls for equal parts champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice. Brunch hosts that don’t want to get their hands dirty, or sticky, will thank their lucky stars all they have to do is twist open a bottle of Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Valencia Orange Cold Pressed Juice and pour. Life is pretty nice when popping the champagne is the hardest part. 

The combination of the sparkling wine and citrus juice create a harmonious blend of flavors, with the effervescence of the champagne complementing the tangy sweetness of the orange juice. That is why a perfect mimosa can use only fresh, pure orange juice. Nobody wants a mimosa that tastes like artificial orange soda- or the hangover that it will cause right around dinner time.

Over time, the mimosa gained popularity beyond France and spread to other parts of the world. It became synonymous with the leisure of brunch, and particularly associated with special occasions and celebrations. In the United States, the mimosa gained significant popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. It became a staple of American brunch culture, featured prominently on menus and enjoyed by many. The simplicity of the cocktail made it accessible and easy to prepare. Twisted Alchemy has made it even easier.

Like all great classics, as the mimosa's popularity grew, variations and adaptations of the cocktail emerged. Thanks to the ingenuity of our bartenders, you can now enjoy a Tropical Mimosa featuring the additions of 100% Pineapple Cold Pressed Juice and Watermelon Cold Pressed Juice to the classic 100% Valencia Orange Cold Pressed Juice flavor. To introduce a pop of pink, try the tangy Citrus Mimosa, which adds 100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice and 100% Grapefruit Cold Pressed Juice into the mix. Want to try them all? Twisted Alchemy’s Magical Mimosa kit has you covered. 

Whether you want to play the classics or try a funky remix- the mimosa is here to stay. 

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