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For us, to keep the consistency and the ease of execution, the keg program was great. If a bartender gets an order for eight watermelon margaritas, it's a pain in the ass. Now, they can just very easily do it, and save themselves time, and then guests get their drinks faster.

- Olivier R, Space 220

When you can charge a premium for a good product, you can make the ingredients good. Cold pressed and coming from one place, it was a great way to go and a great process.

- Heather H, Moody Center

The servers are excited to recommend the draft cocktails, because the guests really enjoy them, and they’re easier to make fast, so sales have gone up.

- Olivier R, Space 220

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Fill out the interest form here and we will reach out to fulfill your order and schedule onboarding.

What flavors do you offer?

You can see our current flavors and recipe list here.

What are the distribution options?

We ship directly with a minimum order quantity and work with distributors such as Chefs Warehouse, Sysco and US Foods.

How do you store the Fresh Kegs™️ and what is the shelf life?

Kegs should be infused with spirit upon delivery for best practices.  Once infused, the kegs are ready for service, and should be stored cold. 

If following these best practices, there should be 90-120 days of shelf life, or reference the “Best By” code on the keg.

How do I dispose of the kegs when finished?

Empty kegs can be broken down and recycled. You can see how to do this at the video here.

What is the average amount of spirits to be added to a keg?

This is recipe dependent but the ideal amount of spirit to non-alc solution seems to be a 5L:15L blend.


Our award-winning, cold-pressed juices are used at the finest bars, restaurants and hotels around the country; in addition to music festivals, events and arenas.

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