Virtual Experiences

As many businesses around the United States have decided to continue working remotely into 2021, many are searching for creative ways to maintain company culture and bolster the well-being of their clients and colleagues. This upcoming holiday season will look different as large corporate events are taken online.

That's where Twisted Alchemy comes in!

Our custom virtual experiences are tailored to each and every organization we work with. We work closely to create a personalized name for the cocktail kit, as well as a unique, delicious recipe that reflects the business. Once a custom cocktail recipe is developed, we cover contactless delivery straight to the door of every employee or guest. Upon delivery, the custom cocktail kits will be a hit at any virtual gathering, connecting employees through a sip.

We Offer

  • Cocktail Hours where we'll customize and introduce drinks your guests will love and connect through.
  • Cocktail Classes where we include an interactive element with your guests, and have one of our hosts walk them through a myriad of mixology options!
  • Toasts of Inspiration where Scott and Kim help craft your cocktails, and then speak with your guests a la TED Talk.

Book Your Virtual Experience Today!

"Twisted Alchemy made it so easy and FUN to engage virtually across the country over a delicious craft cocktail for a fun and productive happy hour experience. I plan to do this quarterly with all of our business partners!"


"When Coronavirus hit, Yelp pivoted to hosting only virtual Zoom events. Having partnered with Twisted Alchemy on an in-person event in the past, it made complete sense that our brands should work together again. We immediately reached out to Kim and Scott to co-host a virtual cocktail hour with our Yelp Elite community. What made the event extra special, is that Twisted Alchemy also brought on board a bartender from another local business. This made it possible for the Yelp community to learn about two great local businesses, and together we all had the opportunity to connect over making cocktails. We are huge fans of the Twisted Alchemy product, and Kim and Scott are really terrific (and fun) hosts. Our Yelpers absolutely loved the opportunity to connect and purchase cold pressed juices before and after the event. Twisted Alchemy rocks!"