Hand holding a red cocktail in a glass with a dried citrus garnish and a leaf garnish on a blue and gold trey against a red and green background.

Blood Orange: Fall's Hottest Citrus

As fall rolls around, we are beginning to look forward to crunchy leaves, cozy nights, and richer cocktails. While many of our favorite summer cocktails use splashes of our 100% Valencia Orange Cold Pressed Juice (a delicious Hibiscus Cooler, anyone?), we are turning to our 100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice for all our fall citrus needs.

The fall vibes don’t end with this delicious fruit’s slightly spooky name. Blood oranges are renowned for their striking crimson-hued flesh, caused by the presence of anthocyanins, natural pigments not typically found in other, brighter varieties of oranges. This gives these rich citrus fruits a visually appealing, deep red to purple coloration. In contrast, Valencia oranges boast a more traditional orange hue and are known for their thin, smooth skin and sweet aroma.

When it comes to taste, the differences are notable. Blood oranges are often described as having a distinctively rich and complex flavor profile. These oranges have delicious and unique berry-like undertones and a tangy edge. The presence of anthocyanins also adds subtle floral and raspberry-like notes, creating a unique citrus experience that makes our ​​100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice ideal for a variety of cocktailing. Savory and sweet cocktails alike benefit from the well-balanced notes this 100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice brings to the table.

Though the sun is (hopefully) still shining overhead, fans of fall might be looking ahead with anticipation towards the delicious flavors of the autumn season. Check out our favorite fall cocktail below.

The Half-Blood Prince


For tea blend, bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add 8 bags of tea blend and let sit for 4.5 mins. This gives you enough time to remove the tea bags without over steeping the final product. 

For cinnamon simple syrup, bring liquid to a boil, add sugar and cinnamon and let simmer for 3 mins. Let cool. Cold store for up to 1 month. 

Add all ingredients into a shaker tin. Shake well. Pour into glass. Garnish with a dried citrus wheel garnish. Serve.

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