Bottle of pineapple juice surrounded by pineapple slices and a pineapple cut in half.

The Best Pineapple Juice for Cocktails

We’re sure you’ve had this experience- you sit down at a bar you’ve been dying to try, order a cocktail, take a sip, and pause. What is that taste? Underneath the smooth flavor of a quality spirit, the aromatic addition of a well-selected garnish, and the familiar sweetness of juice is an inescapable artificial metallic tang. And just like that, canned juice has taken another otherwise delicious cocktail as its victim.

At Twisted Alchemy, we know that bartenders work hard. In the midst of all that tending bar, there isn’t time to take on a second shift as a full-time juicer. We understand the allure of a can of artificial juice, it is cheap and easy, and it takes one big item off the bartender’s to-do list. Until guests start sending drinks back. Who could blame them? Nobody wants a daiquiri that tastes like tin cans. Any bar that takes the time to select quality spirits, craft delicious recipes, and curate a welcoming ambiance will find they are wasting their time if they cut corners with their juice selection. 

Why is canned juice so bad? We tested it against our pure 100% Pineapple Cold Pressed Juice to get some answers.

Pineapple juice is typically made by pressing or blending pineapple flesh and then straining the resulting liquid. At Twisted Alchemy, we use cold-pressing technology to extract the maximum amount of juice without using heat or oxygen so that we can preserve the tropical sweetness and nutrients of the tangy and vibrant pineapple. Cheaper canned pineapple juices use juice from concentrate, a process which removes the rich nutrients and abundant fiber from the fruit, leaving only the thick, sticky sugar and none of the health benefits. These syrups may contain additives or preservatives that can impart a metallic taste, as well as create chemical interactions with the metal of the can that exacerbate this problem.

To make matters worse, these juices are then canned. The acid in pineapple often reacts with the metal of the can, resulting in that offensive metallic taste. Additionally, and frighteningly, the acidity of the pineapple can also cause a chemical reaction with its metal container, leaching small amounts of metal ions into the fruit, affecting its flavor. Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Pineapple Cold Pressed Juice comes directly to your home or business in 25% post-consumer recycled material made from polyethylene terephthalate, which is the easiest of plastics to recycle, and does not impart any flavor into the juice it stores. 

The quality of the canned pineapple can also impact its taste. If the pineapples used for canning are not of high quality or are not properly ripened, they may have a more pronounced metallic taste. Furthermore, improper storage or prolonged storage of canned pineapples can lead to changes in flavor, including a metallic taste. We know bartenders don’t have the time, or access, to hand select fresh, perfectly ripe pineapples to use behind the bar. So we did it for you! Our pineapples are sourced in Central America, where they are hand selected for quality. After cold-pressing, we test every ounce of juice to ensure pH and Brix consistency between every bottle.

It seems that the jury is out. Twisted Alchemy’s pure, hand-curated juices provide solutions that ensure consistent flavor and ease. Wave good-bye to metallic daiquiris. Quality is here to stay.

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