A pineapple margarita sits on a slice of pineapple in front of a palm frond in sunset lighting.

The Best Cocktails for Rooftop Season

We think it’s finally safe to say- summer is here! As May showers finally turn into June flowers (that’s how the saying goes, isn’t it?) crowds are flocking to outdoor spaces to soak up the sun, restore their vitamin C, and enjoy summery cocktails. There is no better place for these activities than a rooftop bar. 

Rooftop bars combine breathtaking views, lively atmospheres, and a touch of sophistication to bring guests the ultimate food and beverage experience. These elevated establishments are exploding in popularity, encouraging restaurants lucky enough to have access to these spaces to curate menus specifically for their rooftop crowds. As we roll into summer and pop open the patio umbrellas, Twisted Alchemy is ready to provide pure, vibrant juices to complete any cocktail program that wants their drinks to taste as good as their stunning panoramic views. 

Beyond the visual splendor, rooftop bars exude an atmosphere of vibrant energy and sophistication. Clever floor managers know that the perfect compliment to the vibrant buzz of conversation, laughter, and well-curated music is the sound of delicious cocktails clinking together- over and over again. The rooftop experience is one that carries the connotation of luxury and elegance. Trying new flavors, indulging in refreshing concoctions, and savoring delectable bites while surrounded by a captivating backdrop further enhances the enjoyment of the experience. Guest expectations are high when they are surrounded by visual splendor. 

Twisted Alchemy’s juices are hand-picked for environments like these. Fresh air and sunset views call for cocktails that incorporate freshness, quality, and consistency. And long lines at the bar mean convenience is essential. Twisted Alchemy’s juices are hand sourced in Central America in California, and then cold-pressed using the most advanced technology. The only heat these juices are exposed to is the sun that warms a table of friends enjoying cocktails. Never treated with chemicals, and preserved using high pressure pasteurization technology, our juices also maintain all the nutrients of the fruits we put into them. We also test every single bottle for pH and Brix consistency, meaning bartenders never need to stop to do quality control- Twisted Alchemy delivers the same level of tart and sweet every single time. Just twist open the cap and unleash the power of our alchemy.

Check out our favorite rooftop ready cocktail recipe below!


To make the Twisted Pineapple Margarita, grab your favorite tequila and prepare to salud!


1 oz preferred tequila

2 oz Twisted Alchemy 100% Pineapple Cold Pressed Juice

1 oz Twisted Alchemy Three Citrus Cold-Pressed Margarita Mixer

Add all ingredients into a shaker tin over ice, shake well, and strain into a margarita glass.
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