A cocktail with a white salt rim and a dried lime garnish.

The Best Cocktail Rimmers for Elevating Cocktails

Contrary to the saying, when making a perfect cocktail, sometimes it's what's on the outside that counts. Read more on our blog about how garnishes like Twisted Alchemy’s Habanero Salt Cocktail Rimmer and Gold Lemon-Infused Sugar Cocktail Rimmer can be a perfect touch to drive the flavors inside the glass home.

Cocktail rimming is an easy way to add flavor and texture to a cocktail. The technique involves coating the rim of a glass with a salt, sugar, or spice mixture that complement the flavors of the cocktail. Though the history of cocktail rimming can be traced back to the 1930s when bartenders started to experiment with different ways to enhance the flavors of their drinks, the technique really took off during the resurgence of cocktail popularity during the 1950s and 1960s, where salt, sugar, and spice mixes became standard elements of many classic cocktails. 

Though rimmers used in this era were often as simple as salt added to margaritas, bloody marys, and tequila shots to enhance tang, in the years since, clever bartenders have done what they tend to do and innovated cocktail rimmers to include a wide variety of creative options. Cocktail lovers have likely encountered a rim covered in delicately infused sugar (such as Twisted Alchemy’s Gold Lemon-Infused Sugar Rimmer), spicy chili powder or ginger, or fun experiments with crushed candy canes or sprinkles. Rimmers can enhance the flavors inside the glass- whether it is cinnamon elevating the bite of a hot toddy, rosemary cutting the acidity of a bloody mary, or sugar bringing a sweet element to a spirit-forward drink.

Rimmers also provide endless opportunities to experiment with texture. Bartenders are constantly looking for ways to enhance the drinking experience, and a cocktail rimmer can elevate the mouthfeel of a cocktail in surprising ways. Margarita fans know that the delicious beverage is simply not the same without the crunch and texture of the salted rim. 

As if that isn’t enough, rimmers can also add a pop of color that brings a cocktail to the next level. Our Habanero Salt Rimmer adds a delicate pink hue to the rim of a cocktail while delivering a touch of spice and a deliciously heated finish to every sip. Don’t believe us? Simply wet the rim of your favorite glassware with some 100% Persian Lime Cold Pressed Juice, roll on some Habanero Salt Rimmer, pour a delicious margarita, and serve. 

How to Rim a Glass:

Rimming a glass is a simple process that involves three steps:

  1. Wet the Rim: Wet the rim of the glass with a citrus juice or syrup- we recommend Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Eureka Lemon Cold Pressed Juice, 100% Persian Lime Cold Pressed Juice, or Rich Simple Syrup. This will help the cocktail rimmer stick to the glass.
  1. Add the Rimmer: Dip the rim of the glass into the cocktail rimmer, making sure to coat the entire rim evenly. We suggest Twisted Alchemy’s Gold Lemon-Infused Sugar Rimmer or Habanero Salt Rimmer.
  1. Tap off Excess: Tap off any excess cocktail rimmer, and the glass is now ready to be filled with the cocktail.
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