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Demerara Syrup is the foundation to one of the most classic cocktails in the world, the Old Fashioned.  Our Twisted Alchemy 100% Demerara is made from the very first pressing of the sugar cane in its raw form.  We curated several varieties of raw sugar cane in Belize in order to land on a beautiful sweet raw flavor with some added vanilla notes.  Harvested from sugar cane stalks and first dried in the sun, we crafted the perfect easy solution for your bar.  Eliminating all variables to ensure the perfect Old Fashioned every time, our Demerara Syrup solves the problem of speed and quality for each cocktail pour.   Just add your favorite Whiskey or any Spirit (yes, even a Mezcal makes a great Old Fashioned!), some bitters and an orange peel to land on the perfect blend of old-world crafted elegance with our new, no labor solution. 

Each 750mL bottle makes about 100 Old Fashions.

12-month shelf life.  Store in a cool dry place and refrigerate after opening.