cucumber watermelon marg

Zero-Proof Cucumber Watermelon Margarita


  • 3 oz Twisted Alchemy Three Citrus Cold Pressed Mixer
  • 1 oz Twisted Alchemy Lime Sour Cold Pressed Mixer
  • 2 oz Twisted Alchemy Watermelon Cold Pressed Juice
  • 1 oz cucumber water
  • Jalapeno slices, to muddle
  • Salt, for garnish


Dip the rim of a margarita or rocks glass in lime juice, and then dip in salt to garnish. Add ice to the cup. Muddle jalapeno slices in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add ice. Add Twisted Alchemy Three Citrus, Twisted Alchemy Lime Sour, Twisted Alchemy Watermelon Juice, and cucumber water. Shake well and pour into the glass over ice. 

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