Cinco de Mayo Drinks: Smoky Soda from Kite String Cantina

Cinco de Mayo Drinks: Smoky Soda from Kite String Cantina

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, but here at Twisted Alchemy, our excitement for May is clearing up all that April rain, and of course, tasting all of the Cinco de Mayo drinks our fellow Twisted Alchemists have crafted with our 100% pure, cold-pressed juices!

Twisted Alchemy juices can be found at a number of Mexican concept restaurants and bars in Chicago and around the country. So, in preparation for the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo, we are highlighting some of our favorite Mexican concept customers and our favorite Cinco de Mayo drinks!

Our Favorite Cinco de Mayo Drinks

This week brings us to Kite String Cantina, a local Roscoe Village bar and restaurant in Chicago with one goal: to give patrons a little taste of comfort and transcendence through great beer, bubbler cocktails, and gourmet taquitos. They know their customers love margaritas, so they’ve started to batch large quantities of their unique margarita in their bubbler system.

“We use Twisted Alchemy lime in our draft margarita and it then gets kegged and runs through a nitro draft line, so it has a little effervescence. We were curious to see how this juice would react with that and it’s awesome. It’s a really great drink.” Says Ashten Lind, of Kite String Cantina.

Margaritas are always a must at Cinco de Mayo parties, but here’s a Cinco de Mayo drink with a twist. The Kite String Cantina crowd favorite cocktail: The Smoky Soda.

The Smoky Soda for Cinco de Mayo



Shake, strain into a Collins glass over fresh ice, top with club soda and an expressed orange swath.

Try the Smoky Soda for Cinco de Mayo

No matter what your plans are for Cinco de Mayo, they should include the Smoky Soda! Mix up a batch and tell us what you think in the comments!

Want to learn more? See and shop our entire line of curated cold-pressed juices, request a sample, apply for industry pricing, or simply drop us a linewe would love to hear from you! And remember, as your planning your drink menu for Cinco de Mayo, do yourself a favor and elevate your spirits! Stop the squeeze with Twisted Alchemy 100% pure, cold-pressed juices!

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