Your Company’s Holiday Party Is No Longer Canceled!

Your Company’s Holiday Party Is No Longer Canceled!

As businesses around the United States have decided to continue working remotely into 2021, many are searching for creative ways to maintain company culture and bolster the well-being of their colleagues and clients. This upcoming holiday season will look different this year as large corporate events are no longer permitted in most states.

To encourage fun virtual events, Twisted Alchemy, an award-winning cold-pressed juice brand, has developed customized cocktail experiences that enable companies to seamlessly create a fresh cocktail kit and ship those materials to all remote stakeholders right at home. While many companies can’t ring in the holidays physically together, everyone can still enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail with coworkers, with comfort and safety in mind.

“When Coronavirus hit, Yelp pivoted to hosting only virtual Zoom events,” said Angela Schaffer from Yelp. “Having partnered with Twisted Alchemy on an in-person event in the past, it made complete sense that our brands should work together again. Our Yelpers absolutely loved the opportunity to connect over making cocktails.”

Twisted Alchemy works closely with all clients to create a personalized name for the cocktail that can tie in a company’s meeting theme, as well as a unique, delicious recipe that reflects the organization. Once a custom fresh cocktail recipe is developed, Twisted Alchemy can handle the rest, even contactless delivery straight to the door of every guest. Upon delivery, the custom cocktail kits will be a hit at any virtual gathering, connecting employees through a sip. The company offers curated cocktail hours, cocktail classes, and Toasts of Inspiration to provide customized cocktails for any event. 

"Twisted Alchemy took all the heavy lifting and coordination off of my plate to execute a virtual happy hour,” said Colby Young, Director of Channels & Alliances for SourceDay, a Texas based supply-chain software firm. “They made it so easy to engage virtually across the country over a delicious craft cocktail for a fun and productive remote experience. I plan to do this quarterly with all of our business partners!"

Twisted Alchemy’s commitment to flavor, quality, and safety make their cold-pressed juices and fresh craft mixers the perfect solution for remote corporate events and celebrations. To learn more about creating your own customized cocktail experience, visit  


About Twisted Alchemy

Twisted Alchemy is the fresh juice solution for craft cocktails, providing professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike with 100% cold-pressed juices and fresh craft mixers to elevate their spirits. Founded by food and beverage entrepreneurs Kim & Scott Holstein, Twisted Alchemy continually develops award-winning varieties of cold-pressed juices and craft mixers for world-renowned restaurant hospitality groups, hotels, and event venues, as well as cocktail enthusiasts who enjoy expertly made drinks within the comfort of their own home. Twisted Alchemy now leads the virtual event industry with customized cocktail experiences, such as curated cocktail hours, cocktail classes, and Toasts of Inspiration.

For a complete lineup of virtual event options, products, and cocktail kits like the Cold-Pressed Margarita Kit, visit and follow us on Instagram at @drinktwistedalchemy.

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