What Does Alchemy Mean to Us?

What Does Alchemy Mean to Us?

How do we fit 22 Moro Blood Oranges into our Fresh Cold-Pressed 100% Blood Orange Juice, and how do we ensure that juice stays fresher longer, generates less waste, and elevates the creativity of the bartenders who use it? Alchemy. (And the most carefully sourced, hand-picked ingredients in the world.)

When we set out to create Twisted Alchemy, we wanted to provide a convenient, healthy, honest, and effective alternative to on-premise squeezing, with the additional benefit of extended shelf life without the use of preservatives or damaging heat pasteurization. We were used to our bartender friends complaining about the wasted time and product swallowed up by hand juicing, and we were disheartened whenever we saw artificial juices from concentrate behind an otherwise fantastic bar. The cocktail industry, so inventive in so many other ways, seemed to be missing a crucial component upon which all other elements of a fabulous drink hung. To create something that would check all the essential boxes- delicious, beautiful, sustainable, simple- would require a miracle. It would require the alchemist’s spirit.

Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. When a bartender makes a perfectly balanced paloma, it can seem like magic. The just-right bite of tequila, the surprising tang of grapefruit, and the clean taste of lime can be so perfect when combined correctly. We saw bartenders excelling in their craft, creating drinks that were technically perfect, serving delicious beverages in beautifully garnished glassware, and providing excellent service- but using juices that deflated their hard work. And we noticed bar guests complaining about hard-hitting hangovers from overly sweet juices, or stomach cramps from artificial flavoring. Otherwise wonderful visits to beautiful bars were being ruined by a problem we knew had to have a solution.

Months of research and visits to citrus growers and producers made the solution clearer. It began with selecting citrus for its flavor and Brix content, so we could deliver balanced sweetness every time. We knew we had to treat this stunning citrus with care, so instead of loading them into an industrial juicer, we applied the highest industry standard of cold pressing and High Pressure Processing to achieve a perfect flavor and ensure quality and safety. Though we were harnessing research-supported cutting-edge technology, creating juices that were delicious, balanced, and had extended shelf lives felt like magic. 

The real magic came when we put our juices to the test. Practicing behind our at home bar, we discovered the power of our fresh, pure, cold-pressed juices to elevate cocktails. Behind bars across America, bartenders began using our spirits to create beverages that honored the hard work and thought put into them. The Alchemists’ spirit inspired us to not only play around with traditional favorites, but to think up new and exciting recipes that would make our delicious juices shine. 

Finding a solution to an obvious need in the industry felt at times like an insurmountable challenge. We wanted to wave a magic wand and create something special for bartenders everywhere. When we harnessed the Alchemists’ spirit, what we discovered was the magic of careful sourcing, upholding production standards, and elevating spirits.

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