Twisted Alchemy's Fresh Kegs at Austin City Limits

Twisted Alchemy's Fresh Kegs at Austin City Limits

In Austin, Texas, summer is not over yet. Tens of thousands of fans proved this fact when they lined up to sip on Twisted Alchemy’s Fresh Keg cocktails at Austin City Limits Weekend One. 

For thirsty festival goers and bartenders alike, Twisted Alchemy’s Fresh Keg Program was a game changer. Imagine your sweatiest festival days, fresh off of dancing in the sun, ready to indulge in a fresh and delicious cocktail to keep the good times going. But, as veteran festival goers know, the lines for these lifesaving beverages can often seem like they stretch miles. And don’t even get the sweaty, exhausted bartenders started. Shaking another cocktail in the heat really seems like no fun. That is why we stepped in with a solution. Delicious, fresh cocktails delivered to thirsty fans at the pull of a tap from our Fresh Keg Program. Suddenly, lines are moving faster, and bartenders and festival goers are a lot happier. That is the alchemy of our Fresh Keg Program, because we believe you can have it all- quality and convenience. Simply infuse with spirits, hook up to a tap line, and get ready to see some smiling faces. It’s that easy.

Attendees of Austin City Limits indulged in the refreshing taste of Twisted Alchemy and Tito’s Transfusion. To hold you over until next festival season, we’ve included the recipe below.

2 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka

2 oz ginger ale

2 oz grape juice

¼ oz Twisted Alchemy 100% Persian Lime Cold Pressed Juice

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