Twisted Alchemy Partners with Tanteo Tequila to Offer a Safe Way to Party in Place

Twisted Alchemy Partners with Tanteo Tequila to Offer a Safe Way to Party in Place

Twisted Alchemy, an industry-leading, cold-pressed juice brand, has partnered with Tanteo® Tequila to offer a “Margarita Messenger” delivery kit, so tequila lovers can effortlessly enjoy the full, well-balanced flavors of a properly made margarita at home. This kit was inspired by Tanteo’s “The Mexican Standoff” cocktail contest held annually ahead of Cinco de Mayo. This year’s contest challenged eight talented bartenders from across the country to create the most innovative cocktail possible with a box of Tanteo tequila, a box of Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices, and one secret ingredient; Earl Grey tea.

 Because of the social distancing orders in place around the country due to COVID-19, The Mexican Standoff went virtual and featured video submissions from the brilliant competitors to illustrate their innovation, creativity, and joy for the craft of cocktail making. This morning Angela Dugan, representing Kapow Noodle Bar (FL), was announced as the winning bartender for the 2020 competition with her “Good Vibrations” cocktail featuring ingredients like habanero, Campari, Twisted Alchemy Passion Fruit juice, a garnish of rose petal dust, and more.

 “The Mexican Standoff is an innovative, entertaining event that brings together the best in the bartending industry,” said Kim Holstein, co-founder and CMO of Twisted Alchemy. “This year’s round of submissions are not only delicious and impressive, but also fresher than ever. We care deeply for the craft of cocktails and for the people who create them. We’re thrilled to be able to bring delicious cocktails into the homes of cocktail enthusiasts with the same 100% pure, cold pressed juices featured in this year’s contest.”

 Now everyone can safely party in place at home this year with the “Margarita Messenger” delivery kit, featuring award-winning ingredients from Twisted Alchemy and Tanteo Tequila. Each kit will include 750ml of Tanteo Tequila with fresh, cold-pressed Twisted Alchemy juices. Kits will be available in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Washington, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

 To explore the recipes created for The Mexican Standoff and to order your own “Margarita Messenger” delivery kit, please click here

Leading cold-pressed juice brand partners with T

Leading cold-pressed juice brand partners with Tanteo Tequila to supply annual cocktail crafting contest and to develop at-home margarita delivery kits

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