This Mexican Inspired Bar Serves Chicago’s Most Popular Cocktails — Without Squeezing Any Juice

This Mexican Inspired Bar Serves Chicago’s Most Popular Cocktails — Without Squeezing Any Juice

Last week, our team at Twisted Alchemy got a chance to meet with Eric Eul, the head bartender at Federales, a Chicago bar famous for their Ring the Bell ice glass tequila shot. Eric told us about how Twisted Alchemy juices save their staff hours of hand-squeezing fruits and allow the bartenders to craft cocktails exactly to the customers liking. No more worrying about sour limes at Federales, because Twisted Alchemy stops the squeeze!

Twisted Alchemy Talks Cocktails and Cold Pressed Juice with Federales:


Twisted Alchemy (TA): What’s your name and where do you work?

Eric Eul (EE): My name is Eric Eul and I work at Federales Tacos and Tequila

TA: How long have you been using Twisted Alchemy?

EE: We started using it here right around the time you guys started. We love it we’ve been using it ever since

TA: What cocktails of yours use Twisted Alchemy juices?

EE: Margaritas and Palomas are our two biggest selling cocktails and we use [Twisted Alchemy juice] in both, lemon and lime.

TA: What were you using before Twisted Alchemy juice?

EE: We had to fresh-squeeze limes and lemons and everything beforehand.

TA: And how much time did that take?

EE: Way too much, way too much.

TA: We are obsessed with the hidden costs of juicing on-premise. Since using Twisted Alchemy juice, have you seen positive results in terms of labor, no waste, yield, extended shelf life, and maybe you could talk a bit about that?

EE: Absolutely. So before we started using [Twisted Alchemy] juice, we had to juice all of our own fruit. It took a lot of time. We used to just do shifts of going down and taking turns because nobody wanted to do it. So ever since we started using [Twisted Alchemy juice], it’s been amazing. It’s bee a great help. Especially with the bottles you guys have, it fits pour spouts perfectly. Nice thin bottles, we can keep right in our wells, it’s very convenient.

TA: What do you think about the Twisted Alchemy managed sweetness levels versus the fresh squeezing and not really knowing the sweetness?

EE: It’s great. Every time you fresh squeeze a lime or lemon it’s almost too much, too tart, too whatever. It’s a great balance. Perfect for cocktails. It’s a lot easier to balance a cocktail with [TA juice] as opposed to fresh squeezed.

TA: What’s one of your most popular cocktails here?

EE: Margaritas. Margaritas all day, every day. Margaritas and second would be Palomas, but margaritas all day.

TA: What’s your favorite flavor of juice?

EE: I think watermelon. The watermelon is delicious.

TA: What is your favorite cocktail?

EE: I’d say, Paloma. Definitely a Paloma.

TA: Are there any flavors you wish we had?

EE: Um…Mango! Mango would be good because we make a lot of mango cocktails here.

Federales uses Twisted Alchemy cold pressed juice because it’s the same consistent juice every time. Plus, it eliminates labor costs and waste. They no longer have to worry about navigating fluctuations in produce prices, yields, sweetness levels (Brix) or pH levels. They have more control and predictability to run their business with better quality and variety of juices for their cocktails.

To learn more about how using cold-pressed juice from Twisted Alchemy can help you improve the quality and consistency of your craft cocktail program, and your bottom line click here to download six money saving tips!

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