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This Demerara Syrup will Transform Your Iced Coffee

Elevate your coffee game with a touch of artisanal flair by introducing Twisted Alchemy's Rich Demerara Syrup into your routine. This lusciously rich and flavorful syrup adds a delightful twist to your iced coffee, transforming it into a luxurious and refreshing treat that's perfect for those hot summer days or whenever you crave a cool caffeine kick. Made from pure, high-quality demerara sugar, this syrup brings a nuanced sweetness that beautifully complements the bold flavors of coffee.This syrup brings a deep, caramel-like sweetness that complements the coffee's robust flavors. Feel free to adjust the amount of syrup according to your sweetness preference. With just a few simple steps, you can create a shaken iced coffee that's sure to impress both your taste buds and your senses.

Shaken Iced Coffee with Twisted Alchemy Rich Demerara Syrup:


- 1 cup strong brewed coffee (cooled), or pre-made cold brew

- 1 oz Twisted Alchemy Rich Demerara Syrup

- Ice cubes

- Milk of your choice (optional)

- Pinch of cinnamon


Brew your favorite coffee using a method that yields a strong and flavorful result. You can use espresso, French press, or cold brew coffee. Allow the coffee to cool to room temperature before using it in the recipe. To keep your iced coffee cold, chill a glass in the freezer for a few minutes while assembling the drink. Fill a cocktail shaker or jar with a fitted lid with ice cubes. Pour the cooled brewed coffee or cold brew over the ice in the glass. Add 1 oz of Twisted Alchemy Rich Demerara Syrup, milk of your choice, and cinnamon. Shake well, until milk becomes slightly frothy. The shaking process will help combine the flavors and ensure that the syrup is evenly distributed. Pour into your chilled glass over ice cubes, and top with additional cinnamon. Sip and savor the perfect harmony of rich coffee and nuanced sweetness, all thanks to the exceptional quality of Twisted Alchemy’s Rich Demerara Syrup.

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