The Search for a Perfect Lime

The Search for a Perfect Lime

In a grove in Belize, Persian lime trees grow in neat straight lines. These trees are stout, with thin trunks that explode into bushy leaves. Nestled in these waxy leaves are the round, green limes that are hand-selected, harvested, and sent through our cold pressed juicing technology to become Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Persian Lime Cold Pressed Juice. This juice is then passed through a high pressure chamber, stamped with the Twisted Alchemy seal of approval, and delivered to your bar to be poured and enjoyed.

Market produce is often selected by distributors for appearance first and flavor second. We can’t really blame them- a lovely, bright green lime is a beautiful sight. But looks can be deceiving, and the most photo-ready lime is not always the one that will provide the consistent, balanced, and refreshing flavor required for delicious cocktailing. We had this in mind when we traveled to the gently rolling hills of that lime grove in Belize in search of limes that would pack the perfect sour punch. Wandering through the rows of lush trees, the idea for a juice company that produced fresh, all natural juices for craft cocktailing was transformed from a fantasy to a reality. 

There, we discovered that the key to creating consistency was in sourcing produce for flavor and Brix levels, to ensure a balance of sweet and tart every time. This meant traveling repeatedly to Belize to visit the limes that would one day be poured into cocktails in bars across America. On these trips, we became familiar with the growth and harvesting process, and hand selected the fruits to ensure quality.

When creating a juice product that is 100% pure, getting the produce right is essential. Because our Persian lime juice contains nothing but (you guessed it), Persian limes, there is nothing for these fruits to hide behind if they are lacking in flavor. That is why, when we reached up into those leafy green trees in Belize, we ensured that we picked the juiciest, most flavorful citrus in the world. Every jigger full of Twisted Alchemy 100% Persian Lime Cold Pressed Juice contains the Belize sun, the grassy hills, and the bright air of that lime grove. No wonder it tastes so good.

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