The Margarita Party That Started It All

The Margarita Party That Started It All

Our Twisted Alchemy Margarita Madness kit makes 60 margaritas with a few quick pours. But Margarita making was not always so easy. 

Every year, our founders Kim and Scott celebrate their joint May birthdays with an annual margarita party. As any party host worth their salt knows, a margarita fueled evening requires quite a bit of squeezing, pouring, and salting rims. As any birthday party host knows, it is easy to waste your big day in the kitchen or behind the bar. Scott, who was a bartender in Paris lifetimes ago, knew the pain of squeezing limes and always was on the search for fresh lime juice without having to squeeze the limes himself. Through this arduous search, Twisted Alchemy was born.

Nobody likes poor quality, store bought, heat pasteurized juices, and there is no faster way to ruin the juicy freshness of a margarita than using it. For the birthday parties that ignited the Alchemists’ fire, this was a pretty big wrench thrown into the otherwise smoothly running machine. As a result, Scott began trekking to a local restaurant to hunt down fresh lime juice for fifty thirsty margarita fans. There, he was lucky to find gallons of fresh lime juice juiced by hand each day. But the luck stopped at the cash register when he realized the employees and restaurant owners were putting hours of labor into juicing those gallons of fresh juice. Lugging his gallons of hard-wrought lime juice home, he wondered: is this the only solution to produce fresh lime juice? Was juicing on site the only way to have fresh juice accessible to chefs and bartenders? 

A trip to Central America, thousands of pounds of hand selected citrus, and an innovative juicing method later our Twisted Alchemy Margarita Madness kit- not to mention the rest of our fresh, cold-pressed juices and mixers- was born. Margarita fans, party goers, and party throwers- rejoice.

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