Bartender pouring a cocktail out of a shaker into two glasses next to three bottles of juice.

The Best Margarita Kits

At Twisted Alchemy we believe in elevating spirits. That means endlessly innovating and searching for new ways to bring unique flavors to classic favorites. That is why we curated eight different margarita kits- each one introducing an inspired cold-pressed juice to the beloved cocktail. As May, our favorite month for margarita drinking, comes to a close, we are breaking down our favorite margarita kits.

The classic margarita- lime juice, orange liqueur, tequila- is a pretty perfect recipe. And though we don’t believe in messing with perfection, we also know that the history of cocktailing is one full of experimentation, exploration, and innovation. Twisted Alchemy was created out of our founders’ love for margaritas, and disdain at hand squeezing crates of limes for their annual margarita parties. From the beginning, we have measured our success by the quality of the margaritas we can whip up using our juices. Out of this determination, our Three Citrus Margarita Cold Pressed Mixer was born. This mixer hit bright notes with familiar sweetness in a way that only fresh pressed juice, and not liqueurs or additive-riddled juice, could accomplish. If we could elevate margaritas with simple innovations like the addition of 100% Grapefruit Cold Pressed Juice and the substitution of our 100% Valencia Orange Cold Pressed Juice for the artificial sweetness of an orange liqueur, what else could we do!? Why not substitute the familiar flavor of Valencia orange for the bold tartness of blood orange? Say hello to our Bold and Badass Blood Orange kit- which provides twenty margaritas worth of Fresh Persian Lime Sour and 100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice to provide a vibrant, and colorful, kick to your classic margarita. For those that know you can’t have too much of a good thing, we created our Deluxe Blood Orange Margarita Kit, which makes thirty margaritas full of moro blood orange and tart lime deliciousness, highlighted by the addition of our Three Citrus Margarita Cold Pressed Mixer

Inspired by the summertime heat, we created our Watermelon Margarita Kit. Hand-curated for backyard parties, rooftop soirees, and poolside hangs, we combined the freshness of our Fresh Cold-Pressed Watermelon Juice with our curated Fresh Persian Lime Sour and the spicy kick of our Habanero Salt Cocktail Rimmer and the elegant touch of our Toasted Lime Wheel Garnish. For wintertime margarita drinkers, we created our Pomegranate Margarita Kit, which uses our 100% Pomegranate Cold Pressed Juice to add a rich depth of flavor to the classic lightness of the margarita. 

We also believe that the delicious flavor of margaritas should be available to everyone- drinker or not- so we created our Zero-Proof Margarita Kit, combining our beloved Fresh Persian Lime Sour and Three Citrus Margarita Cold Pressed Mixer with the tart kick of our Cold Pressed Passion Fruit Juice

At Twisted Alchemy, we truly believe there is a margarita for everyone! Unsure which flavor is your favorite? Our Margarita Madness kit is here to help! Become your own mixologist and experiment with all six bottles of our curated juices. The best part? You’ll get sixty margaritas out of it. Sounds like a reason to celebrate.
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