Healthy Cocktails...Really!

Healthy Cocktails...Really!

At Twisted Alchemy, we don’t believe healthy drinks need to be boring or tasteless. In fact, we believe the opposite: fresh quality juices make great tasting cocktails that can be great for you. At your local craft cocktail bar, you may have read about cocktails that are charcoal activated, turmeric infused, or garnished with lemongrass. While these things are all delicious, (our founders met over a wheatgrass shot, so we get it) we also believe in going straight to the source to create a cocktail that is delicious and free of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors. 

Customers are beginning to ask questions about what goes into their cocktails, and wise bartenders are investing in creating cocktails that customers can feel good about. Informed guests are raising the red flag on overly processed products and gravitating towards bars that are transparent about the origins and freshness of the bottles behind the bar.

It may seem like an oxymoron. Healthy cocktails? But we strongly believe that high quality and healthful ingredients can and should be used in every single food and beverage product, and we don’t think cocktailing is exempt from that. Spirits themselves are distilled from plant matter- potatoes, agave, wheat- you name it. Why ruin the delicately balanced product achieved from years of whiskey distillation with an artificial, sugary lemon juice? 

Twisted Alchemy’s juices offer peace of mind through cold-pressed juices without the sugar, preservatives, and artificial dyes and flavors. We know that great juice makes great cocktails. And we know that great juice doesn’t need to be messed with. That is why our juicing and preservation processes take every precaution to preserve the flavor and health benefits of the fruits we so carefully select. Our process ensures that we can preserve the enzymes that make our juices taste so brilliant and fresh, while bringing you all that baked-in goodness straight from mother earth herself.

You really can have your cake (or your mimosa...) and eat it too.

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