Elevating Elixirs: The Pom MarTEAni

Elevating Elixirs: The Pom MarTEAni

This Dry January, we are celebrating the delicious potential of different non-alc elevating elixirs with our founder, Kim Holstein. As a non-alc drinker, Kim loves using Twisted Alchemy’s juices to create dynamic non-alc cocktails that still taste delicious. One of her favorites, the Pom MarTEAni, is a fresh, floral beverage unlike anything you’ve ever had. The Pom MarTEAni is a fresh, flavor-infused tea cocktail that’s totally Non-Alc and refreshing. This recipe also gives you a creative way to use your leftover flowers from those holiday bouquets to infuse your tea with extra flavor.

Non-Alc Pom MarTEAni:


Use edible flower petals from any leftover bouquets, or dried food-grade flower petals. (For this recipe, we used a combination of fresh rose petals and organic dried rose petals.) Add them to a mixing glass. Add a green tea bag into the same mixing glass, and add enough water to cover the flower petals and the tea bag. Let sit for 20 minutes.

When the tea is sufficiently steeped, select a coupe glass and add ice. Add 2 oz of Twisted Alchemy 100% Cold-Pressed Pomegranate Juice over the ice. Strain the tea and add 2 oz to the glass. Stir. Garnish with a fresh flower.
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