Celebrate Scorpio Season with this Bold Cocktail

Celebrate Scorpio Season with this Bold Cocktail

Calling all Scorpios! We are celebrating Scorpio Season with some mixology astrology- our favorite way to honor the celestial wisdom of the stars through a delicious and carefully crafted cocktail that matches your zodiac sign. For the loyal Scorpio, we’ve created the perfect Blood Orange Margarita, a classic and reliable cocktail that is always a crowd pleaser but never boring. 


Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, represented by the symbol of the scorpion. Scorpios are known for their deep, enigmatic, and creative personalities. Their passion and determination make them one of the most intriguing and magnetic signs in the zodiac- so we made a cocktail as unique and bold as they are. Crafting a Blood Orange Margarita with Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice is the perfect way to celebrate the bold, mysterious, and determined personality of your favorite Scorpio. To honor this water sign, we’ve created the Bold and Badass Blood Orange Margarita Kit to highlight the things that make Scorpionic energy so special.


1 ½ oz Tequila of choice

¾ oz Twisted Alchemy 100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice

2 oz Twisted Alchemy Persian Lime Sour 

¾ oz Orange Liqueur (optional)

Method: Fill a small cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in all ingredients. Put on the lid and shake for 30 seconds. Strain the liquid into your glass and garnish with a slice of blood orange, if desired.


Begin by rimming your glass with salt for a touch of intensity that mirrors Scorpio's complex nature. You can skip this step if you prefer a smoother finish. In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine the tequila, orange liqueur, Twisted Alchemy Persian Lime Sour, and Twisted Alchemy Blood Orange Juice. These ingredients are carefully selected to bring together sweet, tangy, and slightly bitter flavors. Give the cocktail a vigorous shake. This step is vital for blending the flavors and ensuring a well-chilled cocktail. Strain the mixture into your salt-rimmed glass filled with fresh ice. The vivid crimson hue of the Blood Orange Margarita signifies the depth and intensity of Scorpio's emotions. Complete the Scorpio Blood Orange Margarita with a blood orange wheel and a lime slice for garnish. These accents add a touch of complexity and mystery to your drink, much like a Scorpio's character.

Scorpio is all about delving deep, and this Blood Orange Margarita is no different. Sip and savor the layers of flavors, from the sweet and tangy blood orange to the earthy tequila and the hint of lime that ties it all together. The combination mirrors Scorpio's ability to unravel the mysteries of life.

The Scorpio Blood Orange Margarita, with its rich, intense flavors and vibrant color, is the ideal cocktail to mirror the essence of this water sign. Its depth and complexity align with the Scorpio's enigmatic nature, making it the perfect choice for those born under this intense and passionate sign.

Whether you're a Scorpio yourself or seeking to celebrate a Scorpio friend or loved one, this cocktail is an exploration of intensity, passion, and the enigmatic mysteries of the cosmos, all blended into a single, delicious drink. So, pour yourself a Scorpio Blood Orange Margarita and cheers to Scorpio Season!

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