Batching: Marriott Leads the Industry in Producing Cocktails in Large-Volumes with Ease

Batching: Marriott Leads the Industry in Producing Cocktails in Large-Volumes with Ease

Kyle Hall, the beverage manager for the Marriott Hotel Global Operations team, joined Marriott with the mission to elevate their bar program. With nearly 7,000 locations all around the world, including 30 hotel brands and over 6,000 restaurants, Hall knew they needed a faster and more efficient way to produce high-quality cocktails. That’s where Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices stepped in.

“When you’re producing and freshly squeezing produce, it takes a lot of time, a couple of staff members, obviously you have to buy the produce and sometimes produce can be a little bit inconsistent,” Says Hall to Twisted Alchemy. “So when working to try and solve this problem, working with a company like Twisted Alchemy we’ve found that that’s the best thing as close to freshly squeezed.” Check out more of his interview here.

Marriott is constantly looking for ways to elevate the guest experience in their hotels and restaurants. Their rewards program was recently given a fresh new look (and an ice cube branding iron to match): the Marriott Bon Voy. Additionally, they’ve created a new cocktail research and development space called BARSTUDIO. 

Mathew Van Ertfelda, Senior Vice President, Food + Beverage at Marriott International, wrote on LinkedIn, “A hotel industry-first, BARSTUDIO is an internal incubator designed to enrich / expand / accelerate our beverage innovation efforts…from Master of the Craft beverage competitions in the Americas to bar accelerator property training in Europe, BARSTUDIO is among our most exciting, experimental and exploratory efforts.” It was in this cocktail research space that a new batching playbook was born.

Alongside Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices and Monin syrups, Marriott created a batching strategy for their bar programs across the United States and published it into a playbook called Batched In Parts. This playbook is revolutionary for Marriott hotels around the country who struggle to produce high-quality cocktails in a large volume environment. 

“In large volume events, Twisted Alchemy is perfect because we save time, we know and we trust the product, we now know we have a consistent cocktail that can be for 1,000 or more people that was made in less than an hour.” Hall tells Twisted Alchemy. “It would certainly take a lot longer to squeeze that much.”

Marriott isn’t the only venue that struggles to meet large cocktail demands. When summer hits, rooftop bars and restaurant patios with high-end cocktail programs know to be prepared for the thirsty masses. Draft cocktails are a great way to serve cocktails in large quantities and are becoming increasingly common for popular cocktails like margaritas and palomas.

Putting cocktails into a draft tap system requires a bit more alchemy than the standard mix-and-pour methods used behind the bar. Liquid-insoluble nitrogen and carbon dioxide are just some scientific components that may be needed for a cocktail draft line. Yours Sincerely of Brooklyn, the only bar in America that offers exclusively cocktails on-tap, has embraced the scientific needs of draft cocktails. When asked why draft cocktails, co-owner Darren Grenia says, “For us, it’s about making craft cocktails quicker. We wanted to bridge the gap between a cocktail bar and a fast, high-volume atmosphere like a dive bar or nightclub.”

So the answer is clear. When serving craft cocktails to large crowds, to keep costs down and margins high, Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices is your best option! 

Want to learn more about how Twisted Alchemy can elevate your crafted cocktails? See and shop our entire line of curated cold-pressed juices, request a sample, apply for industry pricing, or simply drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!

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