This is the story of our first customer and how it reaffirmed that our OJ not only tastes fantastic, but truly is “AMAZEBALLS!”

Our very first customer was a fabulous restaurant called Summer House in Chicago, run by the James Beard Award winning restaurant group, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.

They were having a challenge keeping truly fresh tasting orange juice on hand at all times. As with any quality restaurant, they wanted to provide fresh squeezed juices such as orange, lemon and lime to their customers. However, it’s one thing to want to have fresh juice every day and another thing altogether to make it happen. Producing small batch, fresh juice daily is both timely and costly to carry out; labor costs, clean-up and flavor consistency makes it problematic and difficult to produce 100% of the time. Add seven hours of mimosas during Sunday brunch to that and then fresh squeezed juice can start to seem impossible.

That’s where Industry Juice comes in! We brought them our cold-pressed fresh juices and they took a chance on us. They fell in love with our products and so did their customers.

Within a few weeks of using Industry Juice, they started getting Yelp reviews mentioning our orange juice and how fresh it was. Our favorite review simply stated, “The orange juice is amazeballs!”

At Industry Juice, we solve problems with our fresh cold pressed juice, plus it doesn’t hurt to create some amazeball-ness for our clients!


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