Look no further for SERIOUSLY FRESH tasting lime juice.

Persian lime juice is the foundation for many US cocktails. Also referred to as Tahitian lime, it is a triploid cross between Key lime (Citrus x aurantiifolia) and lemon (Citrus limon). Although there are other citrus species that are referred to as “limes,” the Persian lime is the most widely commercially-grown lime species and accounts for the largest share of the fruits sold as limes. It turns yellow as it ripens, but it is often sold while still green. At Twisted Alchemy, we take great care to deliver the highest quality cold-pressed Persian lime juice. When producing our lime juice, we go the extra mile for quality by using a slow, gentle press to preserve the lime’s natural flavors, avoiding the inclusion of bitter-flavored citrus oils and pith.


It is as simple as our tagline. We press. You pour. Twisted Alchemy® provides bars, restaurants, and food service a solution never before offered: fresh, cold-pressed juice designed specifically for food service industry. If you are squeezing inhouse, you are incurring labor costs, food safety liability, waste and varying prices—all of which Twisted Alchemy eliminates. You either choose shelf stable mixers that can sit on a shelf for who-knows-how long and sends your customers out the door with stomach pain. OR it’s the challenge behind managing and making fresh bar mixers in-house. Seasonal fruit variation, various skill and effort from staff, balance, consistency issues…the list goes on.