When shipments of fruit arrive at the dock, we’re there to greet them.

We’re looking for the most intensely flavorful specimens, and we use the Brix (Bx) measurement to ensure that we maintain consistent sweetness levels bottle to bottle.


There are 25 limes in every bottle of TWISTED ALCHEMY Persian Lime Juice. That’s 25 limes you didn’t have to shop for, cut, squeeze and clean up after.

And when you think about the process of getting juice from a watermelon or a pineapple, well, you actually don’t have to think about it.

Twisted Alchemy

Alchemy: (n): A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

We care deeply for the craft of cocktails and for the people who create them. Seeing a need for a fresh yet convenient juice product, we set out to create 100% pure, cold-pressed juices that would transform the cocktail industry and inspire those gurus of cocktail chemistry everywhere.

This is Twisted Alchemy.

Better Than Fresh. Period.

Shelf Life
By using state-of-the-art technology our juices have a shelf life of 120 days unopened and 7 days upon opening with zero waste.

Labor Cost
Twisted Alchemy is a zero labor solution with 100% yield

We compost 100% of our curated, Ugly As Hell™ Produce.

Our curated juices have consistent Brix and noted pH levels and are free from added sugars, preservatives and GMOs. Our products are not from concentrate and never heat treated.

Not your everyday passionately persnickety fruit juice obsessives.

We curate our juices for the most discerning of palates. Our measure of success is based entirely upon successfully helping you realize the most innovative and inspiring handcrafted cocktails imaginable.

By using state-of-the-art technology inside our tightly controlled, always refrigerated, cold-pressed juicing facility, we are able to produce superior fresh-squeezed without the use of preservatives or damaging heat pasteurization. We bottle onsite and place our juices under high pressure simulating 60 kilometers below sea level in order to preserve the enzymes that make our juices taste so brilliant and fresh.

Why TWISTED ALCHEMY is better than fresh squeezed:

  • Innovative HPP technology provides 12,000% better shelf life than squeezing on premise. 120 days unopened, 7 days once opened.
  • Zero labor cost solution.
  • 100% consistent yield per case, no more dry limes or lemons.
  • 100% fully composted juice program…no more food waste.

The Hidden Costs of Squeezing Your Own

1 Labor

Depending on how much you pay your hourly workers, it can cost anywhere from $4-$6* in labor costs alone to squeeze 24.5 ounces of lime juice. That doesn’t include time to prep and clean equipment. *Labor cost @ $14.62/hour

2 Spoilage

Citrus shelf life depends on many factors — when and where the fruit was picked, how it’s been stored, etc. It’s estimated at least 10% of all citrus will spoil before it’s used. Each bottle of Twisted Alchemy has a 90-day refrigerated shelf life.

3 Unpredictable yield

Citrus juice yield is highly variable due to size of fruit, season, growing time, etc. Even fruit that’s the same size can yield different amounts. This makes it nearly impossible to predict your citrus program. Industry Juice eliminates the guess work, so you’ll have more control of your costs.

4 Inconsistent quality

When squeezing fruit on premise, lots of factors can influence the quality, from food safety to overall taste. When a batch is tainted, it must be tossed or you’re at risk. With Industry Juice, you don’t have to worry. Our product is FSMA-compliant and delivers consistent Brix and pH levels for quality flavor every time.

5 Water, disposal, storage

For every ounce of juice squeezed onsite, you’re spending on average $0.03 per ounce on cleaning, rind disposal, water, dishwasher and storage. These costs add up over time

6 Impact on the planet

It has become a collective mission for businesses to implement more sustainable practices. Through our eco-friendly packaging, utilization of “ugly fruit” to reduce food wastes, and composting our produce waste we are able to reduce our ecological footprint on the planet.

Stop the squeeze

When you do the math, squeezing your own citrus costs more at 70¢ per ounce, compared to Industry Juice at 56¢.* Plus, you’ll no longer have to worry about navigating drastic fluctuations in citrus prices. With Twisted Alchemy, it’s the same price every time. You’ll have more control and predictability to run your business and better quality juice for your cocktails.

Twisted Alchemy is deliciously simple.
How we get it right…





Our produce is curated from around the globe specifically for its flavor and Brix levels. Unlike produce found on the open market, we do not purchase based on look. Only level of ripeness and juice quality.

Never heated, our juices have an extended shelf life through High Pressure Processing (HPP) – a innovative technology that uses pressure to ensure quality and safety.

We deliver fresh-pressed quality with labor saving convenience and safety. Twisted Alchemy products add healthy, convenient quality to any cocktail program.

Twisted Alchemy Cares.

  • Twisted Alchemy was built on our values which guide our social and sustainable initiatives.
  • We are committed to sustainability and are dedicated to operating in an ethical, transparent, and social manner.
  • We continually seek new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to the community.
  • We seek to make a positive impact through:


In January 2019, our manufacturing facility began a composting program for our juice waste. We anticipate to compost over 500,000 pounds of produce waste this year. In addition to composting we utilize ugly fruit. By curating all of our fruit we have been able to contribute to the food waste movement.


Your customers will be excited to learn that our bottles are comprised of 25% post-consumer recycled material. In addition, our plastics are made of polyethylene terephthalate, which is the easiest of plastics to recycle. All of our juices shipped direct are packed in environmentally friendly packaging material. We utilize Green Cell Foam which requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gases than petroleum based foams. It is also backyard compostable, biodegradable and water soluble.


We partner with various organizations who seek to make an impact in the world. Including organizations like 1% For The Planet in which 1% of all of our Persian Lime Juice sales are donated to environmentally focused non-profits. We also donate 1% of our Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice sales to Speed Rack for breast cancer education, prevention and research.