COVID-19 Statement

To our valued Twisted Alchemy customers,

During these challenging times with the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to remind you all of our commitment to safety and to the quality focus that we put on sanitation procedures and good manufacturing practices.

We operate our cold pressed juice facilities under strict FDA and USDA guidelines that receive monthly and quarterly inspections from third party sources. We operate under the highest level of HACCP certified food plant guidelines; our facilities use refrigerated rooms with team members in full-face masks, hair nets, white coats, and gloves. We complete wash downs of our equipment and facility rooms at the end of each shift, including equipment, walls, tables, and floors.

All of our juice is pressed from fruit that is traceable to the farm, down to the actual tree it was picked from. On every bottle or BIB box, we provide you with details on Brix, pH, country of Origin and production batch number. Our HPP process kills all bacteria while preserving healthy enzymes. We are here for you to maintain the highest level of sanitation possible, which would be almost impossible to replicate inside a retail food operation. You can be assured that we deliver you a better, safer fresh-squeezed juice than could be done in your kitchen.

Please note: Due to these unforeseen circumstances, in the coming weeks, we cannot guarantee shipment dates due to staffing challenges with our fulfillment center.  For optimal results, all orders should be placed Monday and Tuesday by 12pm for more reliable delivery that same week.

Twisted Alchemy juices can be refrigerated for up to 150 days and frozen for up to 12 months to extend shelf life. Keep this in mind when planning for inventory in these unpredictable times.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us.