The Importance of Bar Syrups

The Importance of Bar Syrups

Difficult to craft perfectly, syrups such as Twisted Alchemy’s Rich Simple Syrup and Rich Demerara Syrup are essential for bartending at any level. The legacy of these syrups is tied closely to the history of cocktails and mixology, adding sweetness and flavor to drinks while facilitating the blending of ingredients. These syrups have evolved over the years, becoming essential tools in the hands of bartenders and mixologists, allowing them to create a wide array of delicious and balanced beverages.

The history of simple syrup dates back centuries, with the basic concept of dissolving sugar in water to create a sweetening agent used in various culinary applications. It is believed that simple syrup was first used in ancient Persia, where they mixed honey with water to create a sweetening agent. Over time, this concept spread to other parts of the world, and the use of sugar as the main sweetener became more prevalent. Twisted Alchemy’s Rich Simple Syrup and Rich Demerara Syrup both expand on this rich history by using the most curated sugars and extraction processes on earth. This is not your great-grandma’s simple syrup. 

The use of simple syrup gained popularity during the 19th century. Prior to the availability of pre-made syrups, bartenders had to use granulated sugar, which often resulted in uneven distribution and slower dissolving in the cocktail. Simple syrup offered a solution to these problems, ensuring a consistent sweetness and a smoother blending of ingredients in mixed drinks. Twisted Alchemy’s Rich Simple Syrup and Rich Demerara Syrup use our Brix and pH consistency measurements to ensure that our sweetness is the same across the board.

Simple syrups are also essential in the creation of spirit-free cocktails. As the demand for alcohol-free options has grown, bartenders have embraced the challenge of crafting sophisticated and flavorful mocktails, utilizing a wide range of syrups to create complex taste profiles.

Besides their role in cocktails and mocktails, bar syrups have found their way into culinary applications as well. They are used in desserts, salad dressings, marinades, and other recipes, adding sweetness and flavor in a convenient liquid form.

At Twisted Alchemy, we know that consistency is always key. Whether it's being used behind the bar at your favorite restaurant, in your at-home kitchen, or on the go for a picnic in the sun, Twisted Alchemy’s Rich Simple Syrup and Rich Demerara Syrup provide a consistent dose of sweetness that you can count on every time.
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