The End of On-Premise Juicing: Twisted Alchemy Leads Industry to Ensure Patron Safety

The End of On-Premise Juicing: Twisted Alchemy Leads Industry to Ensure Patron Safety

As curbside pickup remains common and the country begins to reopen, bars and restaurants have needed to rethink their standards of cleanliness, especially when it comes to the way in which cocktails are crafted. As a result, the importance of eliminating on-premise juicing has never been greater. 

Twisted Alchemy, an industry-leading cold-pressed juice brand, utilizes high pressure processing (HPP) during the bottling process to deliver the quality of on-premise juice with the food safety standards needed during these times. HPP bottles liquid at 87,000 psi, about the same pressure as 37 miles under the ocean, which eliminates all oxygen and bacteria out of the juice, without compromising flavor or nutrients. As a result of this method, Twisted Alchemy is able to produce superior fresh-squeezed juices free from added sugars, preservatives, and GMOs while maintaining consistent brix to balance sweetness and flavors. 

The HPP process increases the juice’s shelf life, ensures food safety, and effectively eliminates labor costs associated with hand-squeezing fresh juice. 

“As patrons begin returning to bars and restaurants, they aren’t going to want bartenders hand-juicing their drinks, which increases the risk of passing along germs,” said Kim Holstein, co-founder and CMO of Twisted Alchemy. “The safety afforded by HPP enables bars and restaurants to deliver craft cocktails without juicing on premise.”

“Twisted Alchemy allows us to eliminate citrus waste and juice pressing labor,” said Tim Ryll, Bar Director at Four Corners, a leading hospitality group in Chicago. “Our juices are purchased sealed and fresh due to the high pressure process they use. This results in increased food safety and cleanliness since we do no pressing in house. The quality is top notch and their products are part of every single cocktail list in our company.”

Twisted Alchemy’s commitment to flavor and safety make their juices the perfect solution for bars and restaurants offering curbside pick-up, and especially for those establishments that are beginning to seat patrons again as restrictions across the country get lifted. Twisted Alchemy is shipped with a 100% recyclable liner, biodegradable air pillows, and reusable, non-sweat gel packs to keep juice deliciously cold and fresh. To learn more about HPP and the dangers of on-premise juicing, please visit:


About Twisted Alchemy 

Twisted Alchemy is the fresh juice solution for craft cocktails, providing professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike with 100% cold-pressed juices and fresh craft mixers to elevate their spirits. Founded by food and beverage entrepreneurs Kim & Scott Holstein, Twisted Alchemy continually develops award-winning varieties of cold-pressed juices and craft mixers for world-renowned restaurant hospitality groups, hotels, and event venues, as well as cocktail enthusiasts who enjoy expertly made cocktails within the comfort of their own home. 

For a complete lineup of products, events, and cocktail kits like the Quarantine Cocktail Kit and the new Margarita Messenger, visit and follow us on Instagram at @drinktwistedalchemy.

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