Man ordering drink at a bar with Twisted Alchemy juices

The Easiest Bar Catering Solution

Twisted Alchemy provides convenience and flavor behind bars all over the world. The ease and quality of our juices are also at home in your home, facilitating great cocktails in living rooms everywhere. But our juices also travel well. In fact, our juices are practically made to be used at pop-up events. Our superior shelf life means juices can be brought on-site before events begin, and the convenient size means you can bring them along with no hassle. 

The pains of juicing are significantly exacerbated when cartons of fresh citrus have to be hauled to a secondary location and juiced on-site. Events managers cannot always predict how well a bar will be stocked at a private event space. Twisted Alchemy’s juices provide a consistent and tidy solution. Forget the mess of on site juicing, or of hauling cartons of citrus around as you rush to get ready for a fantastic event. Just throw some Twisted Alchemy 100% Eureka Lemon Cold Pressed Juice and 100% Persian Lime Cold Pressed Juice into a refrigerator bag and get moving.

Twisted Alchemy is all about solutions. We know event service is a constantly moving target, and we get it. As in-person networking events, meetings, conferences, and private parties roar back from their dormant Covid slumber, event planners are scrambling to find ways to minimize cost while maintaining excellent quality. Our juices help you save on labor and time. Say goodbye to prep time- just twist open a bottle of our pure, cold-pressed juices and cocktail mixers and let the good times roll.

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