An Old Fashioned sits next to a bottle of syrup, with an orange peel in front of it.

The Best Cocktail Syrup - Demerara Syrup

At Twisted Alchemy, we believe in elevating spirits by focusing on quality ingredients for every element of your cocktail- including the syrup. Our Rich Demerara Syrup uses the highest quality, hand-curated sugars to provide complex sweetness to your cocktail. Better yet? Each bottle makes 100 Old Fashioneds.  

Demerara offers an alternative to refined white sugar, providing a more natural and complex flavor profile. Our Rich Demerara Syrup is favored by those who appreciate the depth and richness of unrefined sweeteners. Demerara sugar takes its name from the Demerara region in Guyana, where it was first produced. It is a minimally processed, light brown sugar that retains a high molasses content. The sugar crystals are larger and have a slightly sticky texture, giving it a distinctive appearance and mouthfeel. This natural cane sugar has a rich, caramel-like flavor with subtle hints of toffee free from the artificial sweetness of highly processed sugars and syrups.

After extracting the juice from sugarcane, it undergoes a process of evaporation to become crystallized. The resulting crystals are then spun to remove excess moisture, leaving behind the unique texture and flavor of Demerara sugar. The minimal processing helps retain the natural molasses, giving it its characteristic taste. Demerara sugar is particularly well-suited for caramelizing and creating syrups and sauces due to its rich molasses content.

To make Twisted Alchemy’s Rich Demerara Syrup, we curated several varieties of raw sugar cane in Central America in order to provide a sweet raw flavor with the delightful addition of light vanilla notes. Our sugars are harvested from sugar cane stalks and dried out in the sun- the natural way! We then dissolve the Demerara sugar in water and simmer it until the sugar fully dissolves, resulting in a thick syrup with a deep amber color. The syrup retains the distinctive taste of Demerara sugar, with its caramelized notes and subtle molasses flavor. 

Though we handcrafted our Rich Demerara Syrup to make 100 flavorful and complex Old Fashioneds with minimal labor, the syrup adds a delicious flavor to spirit-free beverages for the whole family, providing complexity to a homemade lemonade or enhancing the depth of an iced tea. Our Rich Demerara Syrup can also be used as a naturally sourced sweetener for baked goods or an alternative to maple syrup on pancakes and waffles. No matter how you like to treat your sweet tooth, Twisted Alchemy’s Rich Demerara Syrup has got you covered.
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