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The Best- and Healthiest- Summer Smoothies

At Twisted Alchemy, we believe in infusing healthy, high-quality juices into every step of the day. Perhaps you raise a glass to the end of the workweek at a bar that uses your favorite Twisted Alchemy juices. But Twisted Alchemy’s delicious juices are functional beyond the bar, outside of your favorite margarita. Health-conscious individuals, or people who just love delicious drinks, have lauded the power of the smoothie for years. And for good reason. Nothing feels quite as good as a delicious, nutritious, fruit-packed smoothie on a warm summer day. 

Juice-based smoothies have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their refreshing taste, nutritional benefits, and versatility. These delightful concoctions combine the goodness of fresh fruits with the convenience and smooth texture of juice. In our busy lives, it can be challenging to consume the recommended servings of produce every day. However, by blending them into a delicious smoothie, you can effortlessly consume a variety of fruits and vegetables in one refreshing drink. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, juice-based smoothies offer a quick and delicious way to nourish your body. One of the greatest advantages of juice-based smoothies is their ability to provide a concentrated dose of nutrients in an easily digestible form. By extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables, you remove the fibrous content, making it easier for the body to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals. This not only boosts your immune system but also supports overall health and well-being. But trips to your local smoothie bar are expensive and inconvenient, and purchasing a juicer to acquire delicious, cold-pressed juices for your smoothie is a huge investment. Luckily, Twisted Alchemy’s cold-pressed, pure juices provide a solution to that. 

Juice-based smoothies are an excellent option for those looking to boost their hydration levels. With the high water content of fruits and vegetables, combined with the liquid base of the juice, these smoothies help replenish your body's fluids and keep you hydrated throughout the day. Might we suggest adding a hydrating splash of Twisted Alchemy Cold-Pressed Watermelon Juice or Twisted Alchemy Passion Fruit Juice to your morning smoothie? You’ll thank us later.

When crafting a nutritious smoothie, it is essential that the ingredients are packed with nutrients, and completely free from added sugars and artificial flavors. No one wants to blend fresh fruits and vegetables with a juice full of chemicals. Twisted Alchemy’s juices never include added sugars or chemicals, and contain only pure, cold-pressed fruits. 

Juice-based smoothies offer a myriad of flavor combinations. Whether you prefer a tangy citrus blend, a tropical medley, or a green detoxifying elixir, there's a smoothie for every taste bud. Check out our favorite summer smoothie below, and get ready for a healthful season ahead!

Twisted Fruit Smoothie:

1 banana

1 cup fresh strawberries

½ cup yogurt

½ cup Twisted Alchemy 100% Grapefruit Cold Pressed Juice

2 teaspoons honey


Combine all ingredients in a blender with 1 cup ice. Blend until smooth and pour into a glass.

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