The Bag-in-Box Benefits for Bartending

The Bag-in-Box Benefits for Bartending

The future of cocktails has arrived and Twisted Alchemy is at the vanguard of exciting innovations transforming the spirits and bartending industry. These innovations are designed to bring you increased efficiencies that can save time and money for your restaurant, bar, or event and keep your business profitable and growing.

That’s because now, you have another way to serve Twisted Alchemy’s 100% cold pressed fresh juices to make or serve those superb craft cocktails. Our revolutionary Bag-in-Box is a single-use packaging system that’s designed perfectly to maximize the shelf life of liquids and give your bar staff more time to prepare sensational, exceptional cocktails for customers rather than spending time juicing and cleaning. 

What is the Bag-in-Box?

At Twisted Alchemy, we care deeply about the crafting of cocktails, and the people who work so hard to create them. So to make sure that our pure, cold pressed juices continue transforming the cocktail industry and continue inspiring the gurus of cocktail chemistry everywhere, we’ve chosen to make our delicious juice products available in Bag-in-Box packaging.

The packaging solution Bag-in-Box brings to the table fits in perfectly with Twisted Alchemy’s high quality standards for our products. Like our fruit. It’s not picked. It’s chosen. And we choose the most intensely flavored specimens, using the Brix (Bx) measurement to assure consistent sweetness levels in each bottle. 

Our Bag-in-Box is an easily adaptable and unique solution to serve cocktails and spirits via a packaging system that helps to conserve and maintain the integrity of our uniquely sourced flavors for several months. Plus, it optimizes the pouring of liquids and in turn is perfectly suited to meet the needs of a bartender making cocktails to reduce the cost of over-pouring liquor.

The Impact of the Twisted Alchemy Bag-in-Box System

We believe that creating a cocktail should be a labor of love (but a little easy on the labor), and so we do much of the hard work for you, like shopping, cutting, squeezing, and cleaning up after getting the 25 limes in every bottle of Twisted Alchemy Persian Lime Juice (and even more in every BiB). That kind of attention goes into every bottle of Twisted Alchemy juices, from our watermelon to pineapple juices.   

As you may have heard, we curate our juices for the most demanding of customers: you. Our measure of success comes from successfully helping you conceive and consistently craft the most creative and inspiring handcrafted cocktails ever imagined. 

And that’s why Bag-in-Box is such a welcomed partner for our products. With the low carbon footprint of BIB products, along with the extended shelf life for our juices that they offer, it’s a win-win to bring a more sustainable packaging choice to the spirit and hospitality industry. Bag-in-Box is an adaptable and keenly innovative solution for serving cocktails. 

The Benefits of the Twisted Alchemy Bag-in-Box System

Bag-in-Box is a valuable asset for our products and the businesses we distribute to because of its many unique benefits:  

  • BIB can enable you to serve the best tasting cocktails on tap with speed and consistency, and not be considered a “margarita machine.”
  • Bars are able to upsell cocktails for greater profits (spirit drinks offer +1.5x the profit of domestic beer sales). The consistency of this method ensures faster turn around for your bartenders, and enhanced cost control.
  • BIB allows wait and bar staff to deliver fast service for more sales, and serve more high-profit cocktails as fast as beer.
  • Twisted Alchemy’s cold pressed drink quality is never compromised, and maintains a consistent taste and quality, pour after pour, with the BIB system.
  • You save on over-pouring costs and control the amount of spirit to mixer.
  • More precise blending, as BIB dispenses concentrates or two combined liquids at any ratio. The ratio never changes.
  • BIB can help drive spirit sales upwards of +10% (based on estimated total spirits sales lift per location when marketed effectively).
  • BIB enables you to deliver a consistently high quality consumer experience at every location, drink after drink.

Bag-in-Box packaging helps you with all of the hard work involved in creating, infusing, batching, and packaging the cocktails so all you have to do is pour, pour, pour! Serving thirsty crowds with ease and less effort - time after time and with equal consistency - produces happy customers who return again and again.

Twisted Alchemy and Bag-in-Box is looking forward to a long and satisfying relationship with you and your guests!  

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