SIP Awards Results Reveal 7 Big Wins for Twisted Alchemy Cold-Pressed Juice!

SIP Awards Results Reveal 7 Big Wins for Twisted Alchemy Cold-Pressed Juice!

The bar and restaurant industry is filled with drink professionals who are master curators of taste, presentation, and quality. In the flurry of searching for and creating the best bar or restaurant, the opinions of one group are often afterthoughts: the consumer. That’s where the SIP Awards steps in.

The SIP Awards is an international drink and cocktail competition that puts spirits and cocktails mixers head to head, judged by completely unbiased consumers. Scores given by the carefully selected panel send a large message to the hospitality industry: this is what the people want! Twisted Alchemy is proud to announce that the people have spoken, and the people love curated cold-pressed juice for craft cocktails.

This year, Twisted Alchemy left the SIP Awards with a platinum, a double gold, two golds, and a silver for flavor, a bronze in bottle design, and an Innovation Award to top it all off. Cold-pressed juice varieties that were highlighted include Costa-Rican Pineapple, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Watermelon, Eureka Lemon and Persian Lime.

Seeing a need for a fresh yet convenient juice product, Twisted Alchemy set out to create 100% pure, cold-pressed juices that would transform the cocktail industry and inspire those gurus of cocktail chemistry everywhere, and the results were nothing short of magic.

“We are extremely proud to have done so well in such a prestigious competition such as SIP,” said Scott Holstein, co-founder of Twisted Alchemy. “We work hard every day to develop and deliver products that keep with the standard that the industry needs and consumer’s demand. All the while making it easy to use and cost-effective.”

The SIP Awards Beginnings

The SIP Awards were started in 2009 by a small group who set out to tear down the walls between consumers and the innovative brands that make up the life’s blood of the spirits industry. They saw a marketplace suffocated by antiquated status-quo and insider-dominated accolades. By cutting out the middleman, they sought to bring the spirits to the people. Enter the Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards; the only international spirits competition judged by consumers.

“We started the SIP Awards because we believe that spirits should be judged by those who enjoy them, and not just by those who have a vested interest or bias in selling them” says SIP Awards Founder & CEO Paul Hashemi. The SIP Awards carefully selects 146 judges to ensure demographic diversity and screened for any potential spirit brand affiliation. A proprietary algorithm is used to mitigate any palate inconsistencies. The results for the amazing diversity of entries, ranging anywhere from $2 a bottle to $1,600 a bottle, are judged specifically by industry outsiders.

“We are transforming craft cocktails at bars, restaurants and hotels around the country with our consistent, reliable and superior solution to juicing on-premise,” said Kim Holstein, Twisted Alchemy co-founder. “And it’s exciting to get the validation from this great competition of our extraordinary taste and quality profiles.” When searching for a juice that highlights and enhances the flavor of a spirit to make a truly delicious cocktail, go no further than Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices.

To learn more about Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices, visit the website here. Interested in getting a taste of this award-winning juice for yourself? Request a sample today! When crafting your next cocktail lineup, know that the consumers have spoken, and they’ve opted for Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices!

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