Simple Syrup: A Cocktail Essential

Simple Syrup: A Cocktail Essential

Simple syrup, as the name suggests, is pretty easy to underestimate. However, like we always say here at Twisted Alchemy, if your ingredients are simple, you better use the best. That is why we developed our Rich Simple Syrup- made from curated sugar varieties processed naturally without any added chemicals- to honor the rich history of simple syrup that dates back centuries. 

Simple syrup is a sweetening agent made by dissolving equal parts sugar in water, creating a versatile syrup that provides an easy way to splash some sweetness into a variety of culinary delights and delicious beverages. The origins of simple syrup can be traced back to ancient times. The early Egyptians and Persians were known to have used sugarcane juice as a sweetener. However, the syrup-making process as we know it today evolved during the Middle Ages. Arab alchemists discovered the technique of extracting sugar crystals from sugarcane and developed a method for refining sugar that is very similar to the methods used today.

During the medieval period, sugar was considered a luxurious commodity and was highly prized. It was used sparingly and in small quantities due to its high cost and rarity. However, as sugar production expanded and became more affordable, its use became more widespread. The refinement process involved boiling sugarcane juice until it thickened into a syrup-like consistency, which was then used as a sweetener in various recipes.

Over time, the popularity of sugar and its byproducts spread to Europe and the Americas through trade routes and colonial expansion. With the increased availability of sugar, the use of simple syrup became more prevalent. It found its way into the fanciest kitchens and the most humble at-home bars.

In the realm of cocktails, simple syrup plays a crucial role. The use of dry sugar alone in cocktails can result in uneven distribution and a slower dissolution rate. By creating a simple syrup, bartenders could achieve a consistent sweetening agent that blended seamlessly with other ingredients. That’s why we measure our Rich Simple Syrup for Brix consistency, so you get the same level of sweetness every time. 

The availability of simple syrup led to the development of countless classic cocktails. Whether you’re making a spirited mojito or sweetening a batch of lemonade, or Rich Simple Syrup is simply the best.

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