Three cocktail glasses clinking over a spread of Twisted Alchemy juices and champange.

Our Favorite Party Hack: Batched Cocktails

We’ve all been there- you have a living room full of guests, and everyone wants a drink. Maybe you’re a professionally trained bartender and ready to fly behind the bar to whip up ten craft cocktails in a few minutes, or maybe you’re like the rest of us. Batched cocktails are a tried and true way to prepare large quantities of a cocktail beforehand, so all you have to do is greet your guests and pour.

Batching cocktails also ensures consistency in flavor and quality. When cocktails are mixed individually, there may be slight variations in the measurements or techniques used, resulting in inconsistent taste from one drink to another. With batching, the ingredients are measured precisely and mixed thoroughly, ensuring every glass of the cocktail is the same. At Twisted Alchemy, we ensure that our juices all taste exactly the same, using pH and Brix measurements. So when you make a batched cocktail with Twisted Alchemy Eureka Lemon Sour Cold Pressed Mixer, you know it will taste the same every time.

Batching also simplifies the cocktail service process, making it easier for both professionals and home entertainers. Bartenders across the country use the batching method to prepare large quantities of popular cocktails. At home, batching allows you to focus on actually socializing with your guests, rather than spending time measuring and mixing individual drinks. Who else forgot that’s what parties are actually for!?

Additionally, batched cocktails can often be improvements on the overall flavor and balance of a classic drink. When ingredients are mixed together in advance and allowed to incorporate over time, the flavors have a chance to harmonize and integrate fully. This can result in a more complex and well-rounded taste profile compared to cocktails mixed on the spot. Batching can also be beneficial when infusing flavors, as the extra time allows the flavors to infuse more deeply into the base spirit or mixer.

For those of us entertaining under the sun, batched cocktails offer convenience and portability, making it an excellent choice for events or venues where on-site mixing may not be feasible. Grab your favorite Twisted Alchemy cocktail kit (might we recommend the Tiki Take Me Away Cocktail Kit for tropical summer flavors that serve thirty guests?), pre-mix, and pour back into your Twisted Alchemy bottles for easy transport to your beach towel.

Batching cocktails also helps minimize waste, as ingredients can be measured precisely and mixed in the right proportions. This reduces the risk of over pouring or leftover ingredients that may go to waste. Additionally, with pre-mixed cocktails, bartenders and hosts have better control over portion sizes, ensuring that the desired amount is served without excessive or inadequate servings. Twisted Alchemy’s cocktail kits also come ready to be proportioned, so you get only what you need- nothing more, nothing less. Our Margarita Madness Kit has everything you need to make sixty margaritas (just add spirits or sparkling water) with no leftovers. 

While batching cocktails may not be suitable for every type of drink or occasion, its usefulness in terms of efficiency, consistency, flavor development, convenience, and waste reduction cannot be overlooked. Whether in a professional bar setting or at home, the technique of batching cocktails offers valuable benefits that enhance the overall cocktail experience for both hosts and guests.

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