Cold-Pressed Juice for a Better World

Cold-Pressed Juice for a Better World

Twisted Alchemy curates our cold-pressed juices for inspired mixology because we want bartenders to focus on the cocktail- not the labor, costs, and inconsistencies that whole fruit juicing brings into a bar. 

We’ve asked dozens of bartenders how they enjoy squeezing fruit before each shift. The unanimous answer is: they don’t. There’s nothing glamorous about shopping for, shipping, storing, cutting, juicing, and disposing of dozens and dozens of little citrus hulls. Not to mention juicing a watermelon or pineapple. (If you can’t picture it, lucky you.) As costs and waste rise by just about every metric, we are conscious of keeping our products wallet and planet friendly. 

One-third of food produced all over the world ends up getting thrown away. Programs to mediate this are seriously lacking. In the U.S, Portland and San Francisco are the only two cities that currently operate composting programs for businesses. The rest of the country throws away an average of 150,000 tons of food waste every year. Fruit and vegetable leftovers are the largest contributors to this massive amount of waste. As our climate concerns become more dire, we believe in implementing sustainable practices at every step on the supply chain- from the trees that yield our Eureka lemons to the way the rocks glass is cleaned after a delicious whiskey sour is finished. 

 At Twisted Alchemy, we’re committed to producing juice as sustainably as possible. Hand juicing introduces plenty of opportunities for even the most well meaning humans to err. After an hour of mashing lemons through a hand juicing mechanism, with hands sticky and dried out from the acid, anyone could be forgiven for ending up with waste. Since composting programs are not provided in many cities, and can be out of the budgets for many businesses, it is essential to prevent behind the bar waste. Not to mention, composting every citrus hull that passes across your cutting board takes time, energy, and attention. We believe in providing solutions that allow bartenders to extend time, energy, and attention to the important stuff- making delicious cocktails for delighted guests. That is why we shoulder the responsibility for ensuring our juices erase waste footprints behind your bar and at our juicing facilities. After being pressed in our juicer, we compost 100% of our leftover fruit material and are on track to compost over 500,000 pounds of produce waste this year. Anyone who has ever lugged a heavy trash bag to the dumpster might not want to even imagine 500,000 pounds of waste.

In addition to composting, we utilize “ugly fruit” that often gets wasted when businesses opt not to sell it for cosmetic reasons. We think all limes are beautiful! And we know they all have the potential to be delicious. That is why we hand select citrus for flavor and Brix consistency, not just beauty. This helps prevent waste across the board and means you end up with the product of the juiciest limes in your bottle- no matter how they looked before they entered our juicer. 

We know that managing bars and restaurants means juggling more balls than can often be counted. Providing high-quality food and beverage while maintaining a planet and wallet friendly environment can seem like an impossible task, even for the most well practiced juggler. But feel free to drop those balls. We’re here to catch them. 

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