Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Twisted Alchemy

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Twisted Alchemy

When you think of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, for most of you margaritas come to mind, right? The delicious mix of tequila, lime juice and agave syrup with a salted rim is a crowd pleaser. Well, did you know that Industry Juice was an idea born from this very same holiday? Listen up, you’re about to get a history lesson.

Every year, my wife Kim and I celebrated our joint May birthdays with an annual Cinco de Mayo party at our house. I was usually tasked with acquiring the fresh lime juice for our home-made margaritas. The problem was, I seriously disliked the flavor of poor quality, store bought, heat pasteurized juices. As a result, I made an annual trek to my local, authentic Mexican restaurant to hunt down fresh lime juice for fifty of our equally passionate margarita fans.

Luckily I was able to find gallons of fresh lime juice juiced by hand each day. But I soon realized it was not so lucky for the employees or restaurant owners. Juicing gallons of fresh pressed juice isn’t an easy accomplishment and it takes hours per day to accomplish. Not only that, it usually involves a huge mess and lots of cleaning. This got me thinking: is this the only solution for fresh lime juice? Why was it so necessary to juice on site? Was there an alternative solution to this problem?

It took some time, but we finally found a way to help mixologists fulfill their mission to bring great tasting, fresh handcrafted cocktails to the world. Twisted Alchemy was the solution.

If you’d like to elevate your cocktail menu with cold-pressed juice there’s still time to order before Cinco de Mayo. If you’re in Chicago, place your order by Thursday at 1pm to get your juice by Saturday. All other city and states need to place your order TODAY (Wednesday) at 1pm.


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