Best Bar Podcast: Featuring Kim & Scott Holstein of Twisted Alchemy

Best Bar Podcast: Featuring Kim & Scott Holstein of Twisted Alchemy

Cold-Pressed Juice Cocktails and Twisted Alchemy on The Best Bar Podcast Ever

Last week, Chicago’s most popular storytellers, drinkers, and admirers of cold-pressed juice cocktails, Justin and Milos of The Best Bar Podcast, invited our very own Twisted Alchemy founders Kim and Scott Holstein to speak on their show. The interview covered all parts of Kim and Scott’s twisted past, from the humble origins of a Tex-Mex joint in Paris, to Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel company, to Twisted Alchemy as we know it today. 

Talking Cold-Pressed Juice Cocktails

Justin and Milos are bartenders and mixologists themselves who definitely appreciate crafted cold-pressed juice cocktails. They

were excited to hear about Twisted Alchemy’s attention to detail, curating each bottle of cold-pressed juice to keep consistent flavor profiles that eliminates a large amount of labor typically needed at bars and restaurants serving high caliber cocktails. Justin remarked, “Juicing fresh is what everybody wants to do, right? It’s great but it lasts for that day and then you’re paying someone, who knows how much, to come in early and juice every day. And you’re doing this every day! Or you could just open up one or two of these and you’re good to go.”

That sentiment is exactly why we created Twisted Alchemy 100% pure cold-pressed juice. By using state-of-the-art HPP technology we’re able to provide 12,000% better shelf life than squeezing on premise. Inside our tightly controlled, always refrigerated, cold-pressed juicing facility, we are able to produce superior fresh-squeezed juice without the use of preservatives or damaging heat pasteurization.

To learn more about what HPP processing is, how Twisted Alchemy sources their fruit, and a few secret new flavors coming to market soon, check out The Best Bar Podcast featuring Twisted Alchemy here!

The drink geniuses behind The Best Bar Podcast Ever curated a few special cold-pressed juice cocktails using Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juices. These cold-pressed juice cocktails are not for the novice bartender, but are an excellent way to elevate spirits. If you’re up for the task, post your creation on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook and use the hashtag #TwistedAlchemy to show us your work! Buy your Twisted Alchemy ingredients from our website and check out the recipes below.

Just Dew It

  • 2oz Catan Pisco
  • .5oz Orange Oleo (orange peel simply syrup can be used in a pinch)
  • 1oz Honeydew Puree
  • .75oz Twisted Alchemy Persian Lime Juice
  • 1 egg white
  • Dark chocolate garnish


  • 2oz Catan Pisco
  • .25oz Ancho Reyes Verde
  • .25oz Roasted Poblano White Balsamic Syrup
  • .5oz Twisted Alchemy Persian Lime Juice
  • .5oz Poblano Puree
  • 2dash Fee bros Cherry Bitters
  • Dried hibiscus flower group up and mixed with salt for the rim.

To learn more about how using cold-pressed juice from Twisted Alchemy can help you improve the quality and consistency of your craft cocktail program, and your bottom line click here to download six money saving tips!

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