Alchemy in the Kitchen

Alchemy in the Kitchen

Bartenders everywhere know that our 100% Eureka Lemon Cold-Pressed Juice brings the perfect sour element to their cocktails- but flustered chefs, professional and amateur alike, can also elevate their cooking with the convenience and flavor consistency of our citrus juices.

Spend just one minute in a professional kitchen during dinner rush and you will understand that prep is everything. When the orders start flowing in, precise execution is essential to keep hungry guests from waiting. Busy line cooks and chefs rue that dreadful moment when they realize they have forgotten to chop or juice that essential ingredient. Time is always of the essence in these environments- and moments lost to juicing lemons throw off ticket times, dirty stations, and frustrate workers juggling fire times and on-backs. Our Twisted Alchemy on-premise solutions are the key to transforming these moments of exasperation into opportunities for creativity, quality, and deliciousness. We see your kitchen stress- and raise you 750 mL of pure, Cold-Pressed 100% Eureka Lemon Juice.

Chefs at home or in the industry both know the struggle to balance quality and efficiency. Much of the ingenuity in the industry is driven in pursuit of solutions to this problem. Twisted Alchemy was borne out of this dilemma, as we witnessed bartenders struggling to craft high quality beverages from high quality ingredients without spending precious hours at the juicer. Through our journey elevating spirits, we discovered chefs using Twisted Alchemy’s pure, cold-pressed juices to elevate their culinary ventures as well. It was a simple and beautiful realization- Twisted Alchemy juices belong whenever fresh, natural, nutritious citrus does- and that’s everywhere. That’s why we created our Chef’s Kiss kit, bringing 100% Persian Lime Cold Pressed Juice and 100% Eureka Lemon Cold Pressed Juice to you in one convenient package.

In our mission to elevate spirits, we can be beverage minded. But as Food and Beverage managers everywhere know, the bar and the kitchen really do go hand in hand. The best restaurants know how to wed their bar and culinary programs in a happy marriage, where creations on the plate and in the glass both get to shine. Our citrus juices are a reminder of this essential connection. The bold profiles and artful balancing of flavors is just as valuable in eating as it is in drinking. The flavors that make a cocktail enjoyable can lend the same talents to anything cooked in the back of house. Across the board of food and beverage programs, dedication to quality pays off. Time saving, delicious, versatile juices are just as useful in your bar well as they can be on your kitchen line.

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