Bottle of orange juice in a pile of whole and halved oranges.

A Tangy Tale of Two Citruses

At Twisted Alchemy, we love oranges. So much so that when selecting flavors for our line of cold pressed, pure juices, we couldn’t pick just one. Read on to discover the unique differences between the Valencia and blood oranges in our tangy tale of two citruses.

Citrus fruits are renowned for their vibrant flavors, refreshing aromas, and their ability to brighten up any dish or drink. Among the citrus family, two popular varieties that often steal the spotlight are the blood orange and the Valencia orange. While they both share similarities as members of the orange family, here at Twisted Alchemy, we know there are big differences in these two delicious fruits.

The Valencia orange is bright orange and classic, and produces a delicious juice that is right at home in a classic mimosa. On the other hand, the blood orange brings a surprising twist to the table with its captivating crimson flesh. When sliced open, the blood orange reveals a mesmerizing spectrum of colors, ranging from deep maroon to vibrant red, reminiscent of a sunset over a Mediterranean landscape. This visual distinction instantly sets the blood orange apart from its Valencia counterpart. 

The Valencia orange is cherished for its impeccable balance of sweetness and acidity. Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Valencia Orange Cold Pressed Juice is always measured for Brix consistency, so that perfect balance remains the same every time. Its flavor profile leans towards a mellow sweetness with just the right touch of tanginess, making it an ideal candidate for juicing. Known as the "juicing orange," the Valencia variety holds its juice well and boasts a refreshing, thirst-quenching quality that makes it a beloved choice for fresh citrus beverages.

The blood orange takes taste to a whole new level with its distinct berry-like undertones. Its flavor is characterized by a unique fusion of sweetness and a delightful hint of tartness. The blood orange owes its intriguing taste to the presence of anthocyanins, pigments responsible for its rich red color. These compounds infuse the fruit with a subtle berry-like essence, setting it apart from the traditional citrus flavor. The blood orange produces a deliciously balanced juice. Ready to try it? Twisted Alchemy’s 100% Blood Orange Cold Pressed Juice is ready for sipping.

Beyond appearance and taste, another significant difference lies in the harvesting seasons. Valencia oranges are typically available during the summer months, from March to September. Their extended growing season allows them to fully ripen on the tree, resulting in a sweeter and juicier fruit. This characteristic makes Valencia oranges a popular choice for consumption during the warmer months when their refreshing qualities are most appreciated. The blood orange season is relatively shorter and falls primarily during the winter months, from December to April. The cool temperatures during this time contribute to the development of the blood oranges' unique color and intense flavor. The scarcity of blood oranges outside their season only adds to their allure, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among citrus enthusiasts. Good thing Twisted Alchemy sources year round, to provide fresh Valencia oranges and blood oranges throughout every season.

At  Twisted Alchemy, we believe in elevating citrus, which means selecting only the highest quality fruits to provide unique and dynamic flavors to your cocktails, cooking ventures, or straight sipping pleasure.
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